The paths designed to enter a home or business are used to guide you to its different areas; garages/parking, house, main office. That’s why they must be built with top-quality materials that guarantee your good investment and their durability. We make driveways that suit your needs; according to your property’s specific measurements and specifications for your

We work with a wide range of exterior materials like pavers, cobblestone, clay bricks, concrete bricks, and more, designed to withstand constant circulation and weather inclemencies. One of our top choices is gravel; gravel driveways are popular in some areas since they are low-cost and easy to maintain. In rural areas, gravel is the material of choice for both driveways and roadways, and for many homes, it is not uncommon to have gravel driveways leading to concrete garage floors.

Gravel is far less expensive for long driveways than most other driveway materials, and it can last for generations with regular maintenance.


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Where can you contract landscaping services with reasonable prices and quality? We are the best provider in Suffolk, NY. All you have to do is call us at 631-276-1985. Even if you have an emergency, we will take care of it. We will gladly assist you and carry out your residential project. Enhance your outdoor spaces with Pinto Landscaping.


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Pinto landscaping is a company in which the owner decides to take responsibility for each challenge and project entrusted to your home; with us, you can be sure we will be an honest ally. * If you have an emergency, we take care of it. Call us at 631-276-1985. Thank you for leaving the care of your grass in the hands of Pinto Landscaping. When we make your estimate, we do it for free, we are here to serve you with fair prices and top-quality services because we want to keep and expand our clientele. We provide free estimates and are ready to assist you on any project.

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Welcome to Pinto Landscaping, a company formed in values. For over 10 years we have been providing amazing solutions for your outdoor areas. We grow and cultivate excellent relationships with our customers; the quality of our service is how our clients choose us and refer us.


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